In light of the Tragic fires raging in California as I write this, it’s time for all of us to review our insurance policies to be sure that we are covered!

Does my Insurance cover me if I get evacuated? Most home policies include Loss of Use to cover your additional living costs if there’s a “covered loss” to your home. Most policies provide coverage for “Additional Living Expenses (ALE)” for up to 14 days if you are forced to evacuate by instruction from a
civil authority.

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Building a House vs. Buying a House

A common question that many prospective homeowners have is: should I buy or build a home? This subject usually comes up when people either aren’t finding the home of their dreams on the market, or when they have a vision of what their ideal home should be.

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First-Time Home Buyer Guide

Purchasing a home is a major life change for many people. They transition from being renters to becoming property owners. It’s a transaction that often indicates the intent to live in the same residence for a number of years.

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How to Buy in a Down Market

Buying a home in California already comes with its own set of challenges and high standards, let alone when you are trying to buy in a down market. But while the conditions may be complicated, it is certainly not impossible to find your dream home even when the economy is taking a downward turn.

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