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American Dream TV Host:  Host of Emmy-nominated TV show, The American Dream. Real stories of our communities centered around real estate, lifestyle, and culture.

Maximize Profit Potential: Leverage cutting-edge strategies to ensure you get the highest possible sale price for your home.

Expert Market Insights: Gain from our deep understanding of the current real estate market trends to position your property advantageously.

Comprehensive Service: Benefit from our full suite of services, including home staging, professional photography, and virtual tours, to make your property stand out.

Tailored Marketing Plan: Benefit from a customized marketing approach, designed to showcase your home’s unique features to the right audience utilizing cutting-edge marketing tools and strategies.

Advanced Technology: Employing the latest technology for virtual tours, internet, social media, video and digital transactions to streamline the selling process.

Staging and Presentation Advice: Expert advice on staging and presenting your home to make a lasting impression on potential buyers.

Hassle-Free Experience: Enjoy a smooth, stress-free selling process with professional handling of all the details, from listing to closing.

Dedicated support: Experience continuous, personalized guidance throughout your selling journey, complemented by transparent communication that ensures you’re regularly updated and informed every step of the way.

Proven Track Record: Trust in our proven history of successful sales and satisfied clients.

Strategic Negotiation Skills: Rest assured; our expert negotiation techniques will work to secure the best possible deal for you.

Your Satisfaction, Our Priority: Our commitment to your satisfaction drives everything we do, ensuring a rewarding selling experience for you.

My primary objective is to net you the highest possible proceeds in the least amount of time and I have a proven track record. Please take a look at What others Say! and you will see that time and time again where I have done just this.

Here at the Chris Eckert Real Estate Team, we’re not just selling homes, we’re changing lives. And that’s a big deal. Think of us as your real estate tailors, custom-fitting every strategy to showcase your property’s unique charm. We’re on top of the latest market trends and technology, using them to turn the sale of your home into a showstopper.  We believe that every sale is the beginning of a new story, woven with expertise, passion, and commitment, turning dreams into reality.

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