Home Loans for Teachers, Firefighters, Single Mothers, etc.

The type of loan that you select will depend on your own individual needs. Lenders will also evaluate your employment and credit history before deciding whether or not to grant your loan request. Certain groups, such as teachers, firefighters, first responders, single mothers and military members may be eligible for special loan programs and discounts.

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How to Purchase A Home After a Short Sale

Short sales are transactions where a house is sold that still has a remaining balance on the home loan even after the sale proceeds are applied to that balance. Here are a few things to know about how long you may need to wait before you can buy another house after a short sale.

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How To Purchase A House After Bankruptcy

Things can be a bit more complicated when a person has gone through bankruptcy. There are different reasons why bankruptcies happen. They may be unavoidable in certain cases, but they aren’t the end of the world. It can just take more time and effort to accomplish the homeownership goal.

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