What Colors Sell A Home

Home sellers are a busy lot. They need to have their properties listed and marketed. Many sellers are preparing their houses for sale while they’re also researching neighborhoods and homes that they’d consider living in.

Painting your house can be a good way to add resale value. Many sellers opt to add a fresh coat of paint to their home’s interior and exterior. It makes the residence look fresh and vibrant. Certain paint colors and shades can also attract additional interest from buyers.

Selling a home in California isn’t always easy. You have to pay attention to current trends and market conditions. There may be times when your house needs to stand out in a buyer’s market, and you may need to start fielding offers sooner than expected in a seller’s market.

The entire process may not be finalized for several weeks or months, and there could be unexpected problems or delays to deal with. Patience, determination and a proactive game plan can help you succeed.

Here are a few tips about what colors are and aren’t appealing to home buyers:

1. Blue and gray colors are good for bathrooms. They are cool, relaxing colors. Grays and blues are calming and can help people sleep better.

2. White, gray and beige are ideal exterior colors for many homes. These colors make houses feel warmer and more inviting. They are relatively easy to clean and are very popular right now.

3. Grays and blues can also be used for master bedrooms, guest rooms, and children’s rooms. They are soft colors that still stand out. You can stick with one color or opt for different colors or subtle shades to make each room unique if you prefer.

4. Black is the most popular color for doors. It’s a classic color that won’t show dirt or debris. It’s a modern style that won’t fade any time soon.

5. Try to avoid using yellow or orange hues in your kitchen. They tend to draw too much attention to the room and can be distracting at times. Most homes with these colors in their kitchens tend to sell for less money overall.

6. Buyers aren’t attracted to bathrooms with white or pink color schemes at this time. White shades can be harder to clean and show more dirt and grime than most other colors. Pink can be a novelty, but it can also be an eyesore, especially if the entire bathroom is patterned in that color.

7. Blue isn’t a preferred color for living rooms by most home buyers nowadays. It’s okay to have a few blue accents or other splashes of color. However, many homes with blue walls in their living rooms are selling for less money in recent years.

8. Green is a trending color for kitchens. Lighter shades can give the room an earthy feel. You may want to offset white walls with light green backsplashes or cabinets.

9. You may use darker shades of black, gray, red, orange, and yellow in your home theater. The colors you use may vary depending on your current color scheme. Those colors can match your theater seating or draw attention to other aspects of the room.

10. Shades of light gray work well for living rooms. You can mix in some cooler blue shades, but don’t overdo things. Your color combinations shouldn’t be overwhelming. The living room is a place where many people congregate to socialize and relax, so the colors that you select can’t dominate the area.

11. Light blue or gray colors can also be used in your kitchen. They can be used as accents with white walls as well. Houses with gray or blue kitchen walls usually sell for more money than homes who have primarily white walls in their kitchens.

12. If you’re going to use different colors in the same room, it’s best to use neutral colors for the walls, light colors for your ceiling and darker colors or shades for your baseboard trim and other portions of the bottom of the room.

Beige, black, gray and ivory are some of the commonly used neutral colors that homeowners use for interior rooms. This color scheme excels because it gives the appearance of opening up the particular room. It’s a good strategy for rooms that have low ceilings, attics or other smaller spaces in your home.


You can paint your house yourself or you can hire professionals to get the job done. Most painting projects can be completed for a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars or more. Costs will vary based on how many rooms and/or exterior surfaces are painted, supplies and other variables. The majority of these tasks can be completed in a few days or less.

A common theme may be established where all rooms have the same colors, or you can vary things from room to room or floor to floor of your house. Remember that you want to make a good impression for your open house visitors. The colors and shades that you choose should make your home warm and inviting, It should be a place that they want to own without having to repaint or do a lot of other maintenance soon after they move in.

luxury kitchen white

It’s a good idea to finish your painting before the open house showings are scheduled. This gives the paint enough time to dry and for you to properly stage your home. It can be difficult for guests to navigate around your house if they have to walk around ladders, paint cans and other obstacles.

Plan your projects carefully, and don’t be afraid to ask experts for advice. Your realtor can also provide some guidance as to what colors their buyers favor. Whatever you decide, set goals and stick to them. The work will be done before you know it. Your home will look better and brighter. You’ll also be one step closer to selling your house and starting the next chapter of your busy life.

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What Colors Sell A Home
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What Colors Sell A Home
Painting your house can be a good way to add resale value. Many sellers opt to add a fresh coat of paint to their home's interior and exterior. It makes the residence look fresh and vibrant. Certain paint colors and shades can also attract additional interest from buyers. Here are a few tips about what colors are and aren't appealing to home buyers.
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