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Chris and his team deliver high quality work! HIGHLY recommend Chris Eckert as your agent.

We would like to express many thanks to Chris and his team. From the first day we met Chris, he is always so professional and helpful. From early morning to late night, from weekday to weekend, you can always find him if needed. He always patiently answers all the questions our family has. Chris and his team deliver high quality work from preparing our home for sale, open houses until the day our home was sold. It only took about two weeks to get our home ready to list for sale. His team prepared our home perfectly ready for the open house and took great photos and videos. Chris knows the area so well. With his hard work and wise strategy, we are able to achieve our goal although the market shifts a bit. We are so glad to have Chris as our agent. He is so nice to work with. Such a wonderful experience working with Chris. HIGHLY recommend Chris Eckert as your agent.

CJ Lin [Foster City Condo]

Chris is a fabulous realtor! Chris and his team managed beautiful remodeling work to increase the value of our home!

Chris is a fabulous realtor! Chris and his team managed beautiful remodeling work to increase the value of our home, made great choices for staging and showing our home, listed the property well, and advocated for a great price. He was meticulous with attention to detail regarding the improvements on the house and any issues and questions that came up during the process. We could not be happier with the work he did to get us a great price for our house, and to be sure all the details were managed well.

Jeanne DeFelice [San Mateo Single Family Home]

He's super honest and straightforward! Detail-oriented!

Chris Eckert (handles San Mateo County; found us our current house) was REALLY great. He’s super honest and straightforward. Also, very detail-oriented when it comes to helping with the intricacies of the process and intensely focused on protecting your interests in the negotiation. This guy was pure gold for us; not your typical real estate agent 🙂

Jason K. from El Granada – Nextdoor

Wow!! Absolute Professional!

Wow!! Absolute Professional! Met Chris while walking the neighborhood nearly 20 years ago. I had always known that I would hire him as my agent if I were to ever sell due to my interaction with him over the years. Knowledgeable and Effective!! Answered questions promptly and thoroughly from beginning to end, guiding my wife and I throughout the selling of our home of 26 years! And what an amazing job preparing the listing! Wouldn’t change a thing that we did throughout the selling process! Thanks Chris!

Jerry Neves

Chris was professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with.

This review is long overdue! Chris helped us sell our townhome last year and did an outstanding job in all respects. The review is lengthy because there was a lot to say. I hope you read it through to the end. To start with, we considered 4 listing agents, including Chris. We considered Chris the wildcard of the group and during our agent search had initially included him because we kept seeing him as the listing agent for multiple properties in the San Mateo area for several months running. We were intrigued and hoped this sharp dressed agent who was conducting so much business nearby had the substance to match the style.

When we first met with Chris, he not only looked the part of a great listing agent but was immediately able to add value. We initially gave each agent we met with a tour of our townhome to show off the features of the property and our staging plan. Knowing the importance of staging for selling a home we definitely wanted to correct any major staging mistakes but at the same time only wanted to make necessary changes. We understood that different agents would have different design aesthetics. However, what separated Chris from the other agents was his ability to make suggestions that complimented the staging we were thinking about as well as point out a few areas we had overlooked. For example, he suggested we hang a planter from the hook on the patio as well as add a bistro style table and chairs to the patio.

Based on the tour of the property, Chris made an immediate impact in other aspects of the home sale besides the staging. He pointed out that we should fix some uneven patio pavers before the open house because they were a liability. Additionally, upon looking in one of our utility closets he discovered a hole in the wall. He immediately recommended we fix the hole which was an oversight from the remodel we did in preparation for the sale. After the home tour, we sat down with all the agents to better understand their approach for selling the property. Each agent showed us comparable properties to help us understand a reasonable listing price for our townhome. All of the agents suggested we list our townhome in a similar price range. This reassured us that Chris was not trying to price our townhome based on the price we wanted to sell it for but instead based on the price the market was willing to pay for it. In fact, when we suggested to Chris that we might want to list it at a price which was greater than the high end of his price range, he was adamant that if we did that then we should work with another listing agent.

During our interview with Chris, it also became clear that he was a savvy marketer. Chris knew exactly how to generate buzz with private showings and broker tours in addition to the open house. He even suggested that he host a broker lunch tour because he felt it would be a great opportunity to showcase the home. Once we decided to go with Chris, he continued to exceed our expectations. One critical task to get the townhome to market was it needed a new interior paint job. Unfortunately, the painters we hired left drips on the stair rail and had multiple coverage issues throughout. Their poor paint job would have completely detracted from all of the remodeling work we had done to the townhome. Chris came to the rescue by recommending other painters to use for a reasonable price. After the painting was complete, we had to rehang the living room mirror. Unfortunately, the original screws we had used to hang the mirror no longer worked. Chris drove to the local hardware store to buy various sizes of screws and proceeded to help us hang the mirror himself.

Throughout the home sale process, Chris was organized and responsive. He and his team created a calendar of tasks to be completed so that we could stay on schedule. He diligently followed up with us and answered all our questions. At one point in the process, a single-family home in the neighborhood came up for sale which was of comparable size. After touring the home in person to see how it compared to our townhome and finding that it was offered at a considerably greater price, I called Chris to question if we should raise our listing price given this new information. Chris took my call in the middle of an open house and politely explained he would call me back. When his open house was finished, Chris patiently explained that he was aware of the new listing and it was not a good comparable since, even though it was of similar size and location, it was a single-family home whereas our home was a townhome.

Thanks to Chris’s expertise, the sale of our townhome was extremely successful and we ended up being happy with the sale price. Chris was professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. I highly encourage anyone thinking about selling their home to contact Chris and see what he and his team can do for you!

David Loecke

Chris is our go-to agent.

My brother met Chris while he was walking the streets of my mother’s neighborhood, getting up close and personal with the community. When it came time to sell our mother’s home, Chris was one of three excellent agents we interviewed. It was no contest, not even close. He was head and shoulders above the others in every way. When he gave us a presentation on his approach and analysis of the property, we were stunned at the completeness and comprehensiveness of it: property analyzed in great detail, recommendations for upgrades, analysis of the market, thorough presentation on how the process would unfold from start to finish including a calendar timeline, his strategy in selling the property, discussion of his team, etc., etc. We had other questions, and he was prepared for every one with thorough and competent direct answers. And it all played out as Chris had said it would … and well over the asking price! Couldn’t have asked for more. To top it off, he’s a very nice guy! And he recently helped our niece buy her first property. For our family, he’s our go-to agent.

Steven Isoardi

Would HIGHLY recommend him, I had a great experience working with him.

I recently worked with Chris to purchase my first condo. The process was beyond easy and he made sure I understood what was happening every step of the way. I was able to find the condo, put in an offer, have that offer approved, and close within a month. Would HIGHLY recommend him, I had a great experience working with him.

Carolyn Dorricott

Chris and his team were just phenomenal!

927 Rosewood Drive, San Mateo

Incredible experience

My wife and I had always wanted a house on our block for years and one day my wife texts me and says “our dream house is for sale”. I said call Chris and let’s get it.

Now getting a house in San Mateo is not something one just does easily. It is an amazing feat of to accomplish no matter who you are. The competition, the process and everything involved is beyond most folks who live outside the area’s comprehension.

We started our journey at the end of September and by mid November we had bought our Dream Home, Sold our Existing Home and are happily settling in.

Chris and his team were just phenomenal. They handled everything in such a professional manner, were always responsive and managed our money as if it were their own.

I highly recommend using Chris and his team for any of your reals estate needs.

Jammy Pate

Highly recommend Chris as a strategic partner!

I interviewed three listing agents before selling my home, and Chris’s presentation was by far the most professional, informative and complete. He had a clear strategy on how to approach the marketing of our home.

Once I asked Chris to represent us, he moved quickly and with precision. He personally handled the details of clearing, staging and presenting our open house, and routinely kept me updated on the activity of showings, number of interested parties and potential offers to come in.

Chris urged us to vacation away while he was in charge of marketing our home, and though at the time I felt this was inconvenient, I have no doubt now that Chris’s professionalism and marketing strategies enabled the sale of our home to outperform the market and achieve a selling price 12/5% over asking ($150,000).

I would highly recommend Chris as a strategic partner, and if you follow his guidance well, he may just take you for a burger at Alice’s!

Tracy Mercer

We Hired Chris Eckert

My family recently sold an investment property in San Mateo that we had owned for many years.

We interviewed a number of real estate agents who we had worked with over the years before making our decision.

Our decision to utilize Chris Eckert’s skills and expertise resulted in an efficient & thorough plan for readying the property for sale.

We made the right decision to hire Chris as our home sold after 8 days on the market with the winning contract far exceeding our expectations.

Michael Cohn
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