When You Sell A Home, What Do You Pay?

Sellers are required to pay certain costs during the transaction. Costs can vary depending on where you live, the type and size of house being sold and local and state laws and regulations. These expenses should be taken into account when putting your home up for sale.

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Is It Considered Income When You Sell A House?

One thing that many sellers are concerned about is the money made from the sale of a home. It’s nice to have a fair amount of money that can be put towards the purchase of another home, a retirement property or other big-ticket items. However, the transaction may be subject to state or federal taxes.

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When You Sell A House, Where Does The Money Go?

Selling property can take time. You must list your house and have it marketed. You will probably host several open house showings before you start receiving offers. Once you have accepted a specific offer, it may still take several weeks until the closing process has been completed.

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What Does Selling A House “As Is” Mean?

Home sellers have a lot to think about. They must come up with an asking price for their home and start to market the property. They must get things in order for open house showings and come up with an asking price that’s appropriate for the current market conditions.

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In light of the Tragic fires raging in California as I write this, it’s time for all of us to review our insurance policies to be sure that we are covered!

Does my Insurance cover me if I get evacuated? Most home policies include Loss of Use to cover your additional living costs if there’s a “covered loss” to your home. Most policies provide coverage for “Additional Living Expenses (ALE)” for up to 14 days if you are forced to evacuate by instruction from a
civil authority.

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