2044 Fairmont Drive, San Mateo, CA 94402

Delightful 1 bed, 1 bath offers a flexible 640 sqft open floor plan, allowing you to create a living space that’s tailored to your exact needs. Located on a quiet street in the San Mateo hills just blocks from Hwy-92 and minutes from I-280.

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How Much House Can I Afford? Here’s How to Figure Out

One of the first steps to a successful home-buying journey is determining how much house you can afford. Setting a realistic budget will help you steer clear from overextending yourself financially. In addition, it allows you to make informed decisions about the type of house you should be looking for and in what location.

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Can I Sell a House in Foreclosure? Everything You Should Know

Foreclosure can be a stressful and difficult time for any homeowner. They face the reality of losing their dream home, which can, in turn, significantly impact their financial situation. For this reason, a lot of homeowners who are on the verge of foreclosure consider the option of selling the house to avoid the negative impact of foreclosure on their credit and financial stability.

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